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Fried News – Sometimes You Have To Be Fried

Sometimes you have to be fried to either make sense of the headlines or to be the real life people that the headlines portray. Or sometimes, you just wanna make some funny shit up because you’re stoned off your ass or just have a skewed view of the world. Welcome to Fried News where sometimes the headlines are real, and sometimes they’re alcohol induced exaggerations, and once in a while an outright fabrication.


Are you the type that is constantly seeing things that other people don’t see? Is your version of ha-ha just more than slightly skewed? Do you have a vivid imagination as a writer or graphics artist, or video producer? Have you ever wanted to be part of a collective that brain storms the most insanely funny stuff you’ve ever read or watched? If you answered yes….to even more than one….you belong here. No matter what your skill level, it’s your uniquely different view of things we’re after…the “we” being me and anyone else who comes along for the ride. As an editor/columnist, you get access to the forums where all sorts of shenanigans are being brewed up. This is where the “hive” gathers and shares their ideas and gets help in seeing them to fruition. Imagine CNN on laughing gas and you get the picture of what we’re after here. The Onion’s dry humor is great, but we’re not dry, or tongue in cheek, we’re out there baby!

For now, I’ll leave this up and see if I can catch any flies as I piece this all together. So if you’re interested don’t hesitate in using CONTACT in reserving your place at the table.




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