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With only a short wave radio to inspire his imagination in the harsh cold climate of northern Canada, Pan grew up lost in his vivid imagination and skewed view of the world he perceived to be out there beyond the rolling white landscape. When a Russian satellite fell out of the sky one day, he cobbled up a computer and uplink that connected him to the internet. Now that he had a voice and means with which to talk to others, he sought out like minded creative souls to share in his vision of hilarity in what the world considered news and importance. He is the idiot that started Fried News and the reason why you're reading this at this very moment.......scary huh?

It’s not Thanksgiving without McRib says Foodie

Home Made McRib Sandwich

No Christmas or Thanksgiving without McRib! This is a video from Thanksgiving Day 2015 of Zanthe Pajarillo pleading with the Santa Clarita, California city council to reach out to the area’s McDonald’s restaurant managers and urge them to bring the McRib back to their stores (last year individual franchise owners …

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Diesel powered tracked rat rod

Welderup Diesel Powered Rat Tracked Rod

Caterpillar Diesel Rat Rod for Sand or Snow Steve Darnell is the brains behind Welderup and a superstar in the underground Rat Rod Diesel World. Caterpillar Diesel Power Madness at it’s finest. Not sure what I’d call it, but it drips bad ass cool. And only in the desert would …

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Woman Falls At Hospital – Told To Call Ambulance

Woman Falls At Hospital And Told To Call Ambulance

Woman Falls In Hospital And Breaks Hip – When Doreen Wallace fell and broke her hip in the lobby of a Niagara Falls hospital, she figured at least she’d get help — and fast. But that’s not what happened. Instead, the 82-year-old Wallace — who was leaving with her son …

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Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree No Deterrent For Family Cat

Tree Foils Kids, But Not The Family Cat – A resourceful dad has created the ultimate childproof Christmas tree – by hanging the 5ft festive fir from the ceiling complete with baubles and tinsel. Dad-of-three Stuart Edwards, 38, decided to take matters into his own hands when he feared that …

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