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Upside Down Christmas Tree

Tree Foils Kids, But Not The Family Cat

Upside Down Christmas Tree No Deterrent For Family Cat– A resourceful dad has created the ultimate childproof Christmas tree – by hanging the 5ft festive fir from the ceiling complete with baubles and tinsel.

Dad-of-three Stuart Edwards, 38, decided to take matters into his own hands when he feared that two-year-old Kai would try to climb on the tree. Young Kai is a big fan of ninja movies and has started exhibit ninja behaviour.

The self-employed carpenter, from Leslie, in Fife, Scotland, attached the tree to the ceiling last year and a picture of Kai trying to reach up and touch it went viral. He had just watched Enter The Dragon, and immediately set upon the idea that the tree was no obstacle, but a tool to help him reach the ceiling.

Now, Kai is a few inches taller and Stuart and wife Jenni, 38, were worried that he would be able to grab hold of the hanging tree. He’s just started watching the Mission Impossible movies, and we’re worried that he might pick up a few pointers from that.

A recent family photograph (above) shows that while Kai may not be able to reach the tree just yet, the family cat aptly named MacGyver is not deterred in the least.




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